Sugar Sugar

Sugar sugar is a casual puzzle game with a relaxed hand-painted style.  In this game, you will need to allow sugar drops from above to enter the coffee cup along the bridge you drew.  The first game is straightforward, and then you will need to think more. The quantity, direction, colour, etc. all need your wisdom to solve them.

Sugar sugar’s game operation

In Sugar sugar, all operations are performing by mouse buttons. Clicking the left button can draw a line to serve as a bridge for sugar to enter the cup.

Sugar sugar’s game content

Its content is also straightforward, that is, let sugar particles enter the cup through the bridge from above.  Usually, the quantity required for each container is 100, so this will test your drawing accuracy very much.  Secondly, with the promotion of the checkpoint, the difficulty will also increase, and corresponding cups will appear in similar colours.  A hole appeared in the middle.  And the reverse direction key appears.

Sugar sugar’s Game Features

The typeface appearing in Sugar sugar is impassable, so sugar drops there will not enter the cup.  Moreover, it has a wealth of checkpoints that enable you to start thinking and learn problem-solving skills.

In Sugar sugar, it tests your mind very much.  You must draw a line between where the sugar drops and the coffee cup so that the sugar drops into the coffee cup.  As you cross the border, the difficulty will increase, perhaps the number of containers will increase, or the position will be reversed.  But one more thing you need to pay attention to is that sugar grains are not endless.

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